Tucker Properties

Cozy Baxter Cottage, 2 Blocks from Campus at 1013B SW 4th Avenue

Leased for 2019/2020

Rear Building

Bright, clean, completely remodeled, centralized air conditioning and heating, hardwood floors, Dishwasher, washer/dryer,  paddle ceiling fans, alarm system ready, includes a parking lane next to the house which can accommodate 2 cars (a $300/month value), large closets, bath, 500 sq.ft. 2BR/1BA, no smoking,  no pets.  Annual lease available starting August 5, 2019.  $1080/month + utilities. This includes a parking lane immediately next to the cottage that can park 2 cars.

Expanded narrative:

The Cottage though not large has a few key advantages over other students housing options.  First is its location; it is less than 2 blocks from campus, 3 blocks from Sorority Row, and about 4 very short blocks to campus town.  The second advantage is that it is a standalone house. In other words, you share no common walls with anyone, above, below or on either side.  This improves your life by offering you more freedom to enjoy your life (potentially with a housemate, a person you can trust and work with),  without worrying about  affecting students in the surrounding properties and without their affecting you.  For serious students, this privacy, solitude, and control over the environment is easily worth the cost differential over an apartment complex type of apartment of similar size.

Let me add that some more advantages.  The house is light on utility cost (it averaged $100/month last year).  The windows and door have a good seal and I have a solar fan rigged up in the attic so that when the sun is intense and heats the roof, the fan kicks on and blows the hot air out preserving the A/C.  The Baxter Cottage has a little private garden for BBQs and for those with a green thumb, a chance to garden. Many wild roses have sprung up.  Easily accessible off-street parking is available just 7 feet from the front door so, with a awning over the entrance, one can get in without getting wet on a rainy day.  All the amenities are there and since the remodeling is recent the appliances are all relatively new.  The shower is one molded piece eliminating mold in grout issues and other maintenance issues. There are three paddle fans to keep the place cool and air flowing.  Closet space is good and the presence of a free washer/dryer also eliminates inconvenience.  Lastly, I am the owner and landlord. When you have a service request, it goes directly to me and I respond. No buffers or middlemen to deal with which means more responsive service and a continuity in dealing with an issue over time (no organizational amnesia).

No smoking; NO PETS. A I hope this will convince you to take a closer look.   Call today to put yourself on the waiting list  Cell: (352) 275-1259 or email or text: rrtucker55@gmail.com  

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1013 SW 4th Avenue
Gainesville FL 32601