Tucker Properties


Parking Spots

Location      # of Parking Spots

113 NW 11th St 10
113 1/2 NW 11th St 2
120 NW 10th St                            8

Unwilling or unable to pay $250/month to park around campus? Interested in finding inexpensive housing away from pricing campus area but need to park close by? 

Park on 11th St and University near the Bank of America facility for $70/month.  You will have a designated spot that will be easily accessible from 11th Street  Conveniently located 200 feet from University Avenue within visual range of Bank of America with access to 15 restaurants within 2 blocks. Short walk to the Fisher School of Accounting or Publix.  Annual leases available, now, starting August 2019 through 2020.  Inquire if you have a short term need as to pricing and availability.  Two months rent up front makes the spot yours.

Scooter parking is also available at $12.50/month.  Call (352) 275 1259.