Tucker Properties


Parking Spots

Location      # of Parking Spots

906 SW 6th Avenue
902 SW 6th Avenue
922 SW 6th Avenue
924 SW 6th Avenue
1103 SW 6th Avenue
113 NW 11th Street                           12
120 NW 10th Street                           10
222 SW 10th Street                            8    

Unwilling or unable to pay $250/month for parking on the East Side of campus?  

Consider parking at 222 SW 10th St.  $115/month  

Leases for 2019/2020 are available on almost all of the above.

Park on SW 6th Avenue for $115/month or just north of University Ave for $70/month. You will have a designated spot that will be easily accessible. The SW 6th Ave lots are conveniently located 1.5 blocks to UF's Norman Hall, 2 blocks to Sorority Row and 6 blocks to campus town this spot allows you to walk to campus. The 11th St and 10th St lots are north of University near the Bank of America. Some leases are still available starting August 2018 through 2019.  If you wish to have the lot patrolled by Superior Towing Company, you can choose lots 924 or 902.  Inquire if you have a short term need as to pricing and availability.

Scooter parking is also available at $12.50/month.

This is the house at 924/922 SW 6th Avenue and the parking spots are to the North just to the left in this picture.